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Auburn Driver's ED: 
"The Historic NorthStar Shoppe"

30 B Street NE, Auburn  98002

We're located just North of the Historic, now defunct JC Penny's on Main Street, across from Wells Fargo Bank that's on Auburn Way.

This nostalgic site marks the development of NorthStar's HQ operations, housing its Executive Suites.  It's the place where decisions get made!

Check out our wonderful, highly-educated teaching staff.

"Just the Downpayment, Ma'am"
Half of Driver's ED Package for start-up cost right now for any future class offered on-line in Auburn.
(*balance due the 4th week of class, with a $25 admin. fee added to purchase price. By "Buy Now" the customer agrees to pay the balance of the full price the 4th week of class.)

SEE BELOW for List of 2017 Class Dates

We discounted our PLUS and Skid Monster Packages too.

But if you purchase the "BUNDLED" Packages, you get the license tests at a discounted price.

CLICK the "REGISTER NOW" Button to fill out a brief Registration Form, then RETURN to this Page to "BUY NOW" from our drop-down menu of NorthStar Packages.

Click! For a list of our NorthStar Packages

June 7 M/W FULL
June 20 T/Th 3-5p
June 26 M/T/W 12-2p
June 27 T/Th 10-12p
July 3 M/T/W 6-8p
July 10 M/W 10-12p
July 31 M/T/W 12-2p
July 31 M/W 4-6p
Aug 7 M/T/W 6-8p
Aug 8 T/Th 3-5p
Aug 19 S/S 11-1p
Sep 11 M/T/W 6-8p
Sep 25 M/W 4-6p
Sep 28 T/Th 3-5p
Oct 14 S/S 11-1p
Oct 16 M/T/W 6-8p
Nov 15 M/W 4-6p
Nov 20 M/T/W 6-8p
Nov 21 T/Th 3-5p
Dec 9 S/S 11-1p

Maximum enrollment is 20.  Classes subject to change
without notice.  NORTHSTAR is CLOSED for Holidays and some national and religious observances unless arrangements are negotiated with students.
    Current 2017 Classes

  June 7
Classes end July 26
*First week of class wed only


NorthStar 2017 Packages

  June 20
Classes end Aug 3
*No class 7/4

3-5 pm

NorthStar 2017 Packages

   June 26
Classes end July 26
*2nd week of class M/W/F
*No class 7/4

12-2 pm

NorthStar 2017 Packages

  June 27
Classes end Aug 17
No class 7/4

10 am -12 pm

NorthStar 2017 Packages

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