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For License Tests

For Driver's ED 101

Burien Driver's ED:

"The Original NorthStar Shoppe"
631 SW 150th St, 98166

The first Main School of NorthStar Driving Academy is located near the new exciting Burien Town Square.  We're right across from the King County Court House, next to the US Post Office.

          Come see our New Digs--larger, better, beautiful.

       Can't afford it all?
"Just the Downpayment, Ma'am"
$225 or half down for any 2014 class start-up cost, offered for any of our packages.
(*balance of course due the 5th week of class, with a $25 admin. fee added)

PACKAGE Downpayment
Name the Date & Package

We discounted our PLUS and Skid Monster Packages too.

But if you purchase the "BUNDLED" Packages, you get the license tests at a discounted price.

Click! For a list of our NorthStar Packages!
                       2014 Classes
CLICK the "REGISTER NOW" Button to fill out a brief Registration Form, then RETURN to this Page to "BUY NOW" from our drop-down menu of NorthStar Packages.

      Current FALL Classes

  Oct 27
   Mon, Tues, Wed

NorthStar 2014 Packages

                         Nov 17           
   Mon, Tues, Wed

NorthStar 2014 Packages


  Dec 1
   Mon, Tues, Wed

NorthStar 2014 Packages

                      Dec 22           
   Mon, Tues, Wed

NorthStar 2014 Packages

  Call to Request
Sat, Sun

NorthStar 2014 Packages

Min student enrollment per class: 10 students.
Max size is 25.  Classes subject to change.
Closed for holidays and observances unless
arrangements negotiated with students.

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