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Federal Way


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For License Tests   For License Tests

For Driver's ED 101   For Driver's ED 101

Federal Way Driver's ED:
"The Newest NorthStar Shoppe"
Now in a Larger Space by FW HS

30818 Pacific Highway South, Federal Way  98003
    Office Hours:  Mon-Fri 10a-6p
     (closed for lunch & holidays)

Mr. Cliff McFarlin is our on-site manager; he is former golfing instructor (almost went pro) holding advanced degrees in education and business administration.  At Federal Way we have an awesome faculty and staff that includes a great veteran Federal Way School District traffic safety educator in Mr. Mark Canfield.  Please, come by and meet our instructors and get a feel for the classroom theatre.

"Just the Downpayment, Ma'am"
$200 or half down for any 2015 class start-up cost, 
offered for any of our packages.

(*balance of course due the 5th week of class, with a $25 admin. fee added)
SEE BELOW for List of 2015 Class Dates

NorthStar 2015 Packages
Name the Date & Package

We discounted our PLUS and Skid Monster Packages too.

But if you purchase the "BUNDLED" Packages, you get the license tests at a discounted price.

CLICK the "REGISTER NOW" Button to fill out a brief Registration Form, then RETURN to this Page to "BUY NOW" from our drop-down menu of NorthStar Packages.

Click for a list of our NorthStar Packages

Nov 3 T/W/R 4-6p

Dec 1 T/W/R 6-8p
Dec 15 T/W/R 4-6p

Jan 19 T/W/R


Min stuent enrollment per class: 10 students.
Max size is 25. Classes subject to change.
Closed for holidays and observances unless
arrangements negotiated with students. 

*Note Well:  This course offering is our 6-week course that includes all simulator times interspersed during the arranged times.
FALL 2015/2016 CLASSES

  Nov 3
Classes end Dec 10
Tues, Wed, Thur

NorthStar 2015 Packages

 Dec 1 
Classes end Jan 14
(no class the last week of Dec)
Tues, Wed, Thur

NorthStar 2015 Packages

  Dec 15
Classes end Jan 28
(no class the last week of Dec)
Tues, Wed, Thur

NorthStar 2015 Packages

   Jan 19
Classes end Feb 25
Tues, Wed, Thur

NorthStar 2015 Packages

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