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For Driver's ED 101

Covington Driver's ED:
"Our Premier Branch in East King County"

STILL Wax Road & 272nd--by US Bank,
   across from the McDonald's.

17615 272nd Street, Covington  98042  (Kent-Kangley)

We've hired an exciting bunch of veteran instructors, both from other driving schools and from public school systems. Our Lead Instructor and Examiner is Clayton West.  He was trained by Sears nearly a decade ago and has written traffic safety curriculum that has been approved for several schools in Western Washington.  

The Summer of 2013 also marks the return of Ms. Pattie Marshall to Maple Valley as a manager starting her 5th year with NorthStar.  Pattie was promoted recently to the position of General Manager for all of NorthStar.  She knows and loves the community, and brings with her an amazing skills-set as counselor, Domestic Violence Task Force consultant, and administrator.  A mother of 3 "driving" girls, she "knows" how to teach anyone the rigors of driving.


"Just the Downpayment, Ma'am"
$200 down for any 2014 class start-up cost, 
offered for any package, "bundled" or not.
(*balance of course due the 5th week of class, with a $25 admin. fee added)

SEE BELOW for List of 2014 Class Dates

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We discounted our EXTRAS and Skid Monster Packages too.

But if you purchase the "BUNDLED" Packages, you get the license tests at a discounted price.

CLICK the "REGISTER NOW" Button to fill out a brief Registration Form, then RETURN to this Page to "BUY NOW" from our drop-down menu of NorthStar Packages.

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Upcoming Classes!    
         LAST SUMMER          

July 28

 Mon, Tues, Wed

NorthStar 2014 Packages

August 4

 Mon, Tues, Wed

NorthStar 2014 Packages

August 18

 Mon, Tues, Wed

NorthStar 2014 Packages

Min student enrollment per class: 10 students. 
Max size is 25.  Classes subject to change. 
Closed for holidays and observances unless 
arrangements negotiated with students.

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